This Wallet Doubles as an iPhone Charger

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‘s new may be the new must buy phone accessory. Being out of battery is nothing new to anyone in 2015 with a smartphone. As its name suggests, the Wallet not only holds money and cards, it has a battery pack for your iPhone it’s no thicker than a standard billfold wallet. It measures in at 95mm (height) x 125mm (width) x 25mm (max thickness), so you can bring it pretty much anywhere. Nomad was able to keep these dimensions by placing the skinny, yet high powered, 2400 mAh battery along the spine of the Wallet.The battery has enough charge to fully power your iphone 6s.

The Wallet’s battery can be recharged by any microUSB charger. It includes a  indicator light to tell you how much energy is stored in the Wallet. The wallet can hold all these electronics, your cash, and your cards. The Wallet for iPhone bought now for $99 ($20 off retail).

Written by FrequentGadget