This New Age Jacket packs over 40 Functions

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As cold weather approaches jackets are in high demand. Many may be happy to buy a conventional jacket to keep the cold out, but if want to stand out t will do just that.

This jacket is equipped with over 40 tech functions. It allows you to charge up to five devices at once, carry heavy items using the load-transfer system,  you can even turn it into a satchel in seconds.

It can turn on or off the power to the charging ports, control music on your phone, activate your mobile’s camera and more.

To make it uniquely yours, you can have your name on the light-up nameplate. Which should end confusion at the cloak room.

One button even doubles as a torch.

It’s a Kickstarter project at the moment, and if successful should ship in March.- help fund the jacket at:

Written by FrequentGadget