LucidCam, The Future Of Consumer VR Cameras


Lucid has prototyped a point and shoot VR camera  which supposedly easy to use, looks great, requires no post-production, and is only $299. Lucid’s CEO, Han Jin, says he designed the camera just for him.

The company has raised almost $50,000 with an campaign that has over 40 days remaining. and an undisclosed amount from private investors.

Lucid is building a Flip camera, but for VR. They plan to make the camera accessible for all, no matter how experienced the user is. But this isn’t an average camera. It can fit in your pocket and shoots in 180 degrees, it’s slick and high-res. A minute out of one of their cameras is only 35 megabytes…which is impressive and can be sent to people in a snap.

This Camera is perfect for someone who wants new age technology without a large price commitment or learning curve.

Written by FrequentGadget