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OpenROV Trident – An Underwater Drone for Everyone

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‘s new underwater remote controlled drone may be the fastest machine yet.

Trident is excited to show the world their new drone. Co-founders David Lang and Eric Stackpole claim that the drone can travel “as fast as Michael Phelps,”. Trident takes pride in their drones ability for precision maneuvers. The versatile gadget can maneuver in long straight lines called “transects” and  execute quick and precise moves in tight spaces, using any kind of gaming controller.

The Trident was designed to allow users to travel into some of the deepest depths of the ocean. Trident gt to 100 meter below the surface, much farther than most humans could even dream of.

 Another exciting feature includes its ability to stream live video to a monitor during explorations, OpenROV is also planning  to add VR to the Trident to allow those playing with one of these drones can feel like they are right there in the depths with their vehicle.

OpenRov suggests that the drone could also be useful in the classroom. “Imagine a teacher in the future using this in class and all the kids can put on their Google VR headsets and see different things around the ocean,” Lang said.

Go to now to be one of the first to get their hands on the new Trident.

Written by FrequentGadget