PumpTube Inflates Bicycle Tires While Riding


Most bikers know the annoying feelings of a bicycle ride halted by a flat tire. But now thanks to Slow leaks and flat tires make be halted for ever. In order to battle slow leaks and keep tires in prime condition, the inventor has designed his device that inflates itself as you ride. attaches to the valve stem, injecting air from the atmosphere into the inside of bike tires.

As the bicycle’s wheels roll, the PumpTube’s pump gets compressed, pressing air into the inner tube of the tire. When the air is forced out, the Pumptube’s suction helps pull in more air from the atmosphere, keeping your tires inflated.

Riders can set the valve system to a certain pressure, where, once reached, no more air is allowed so tires will not get over inflated.

once the device’s design has been perfected, PumpTube will begin their kickstarter campaign. It will reportedly be compatible with third-party 700c and 26-inch tires, while retailing for $30 to $55 per kit.

Written by FrequentGadget