The Security Drone That Detects Intruders And Follows Them Around, Taking Their Picture [Video]

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Secom has created a security drone that can detect an intruder while taking pictures for future use. The drone will not only be able to take photos of intruders, but also of cars or whatever else that does not belong in your space.

This won’t be of much help when it comes down to taking down an intruder, however. The drone can travel at 6MPH and doesn’t have any form of defensive maneuvers should it be attacked. Even if the drone is destroyed, all data collected by the drone is sent over to Secom’s security center via the web.

Now, for those who might be interested in purchasing this awesome drone, the Japanese company is selling it for a whopping ¥800,000 excluding tax ($6,620). To keep the security service up and running, the company requires ¥5,000 ($41) on a monthly basis.

It’s an impressive drone, and we believe that in the future it may be used alongside security guards for more efficient surveillance. Just imagine a situation where a guard is unable to get close to an intruder in time, but the drone could take photos of the intruder’s face along with the getaway car.

The intruder’s face, the license plate, that’s a huge first step right there to get a hold of the perpetrator.

At the moment, Secom and its drone are not available in the West, but if it turns out to be a success, things could change.

Written by FrequentGadget