Microsoft bans adware that use man-in-the-middle techniques


According to reports Microsoft will implement a strict policy when it comes to adware starting next year. In a post on the , Redmond announced Microsoft’s plan to block advertising programs “that take choice and control away from users.” The company’s talking about adware that use “man-in-the-middle” (MiTM) techniques, in particular. This will effect injecting ads and promotions by proxy, as well as changing DNS settings, without your express consent.

Microsoft has made it a policy that programs that show ads on the browser can only install, disable or execute programs through the browser itself. This means ad software which wont notify you when it wants to download or install malware. The company plans to enforce the new rule on May 31st, 2016 and asks developers to comply with the new policy.

Many compare Microsoft’s new policy to Lenovo’s controversial Superfish adware which operates the same way. Lenovo shipped out laptops with the pre-installed software, that injected sponsored links into users’ search results, and installed man-in-the-middle certificates to allow third parties to see users’ sensitive data.


Written by FrequentGadget