RoboFisher Will Let You Fish In Even The Harshest Of Storms

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As most experienced fishers know fishing in the winter is a whole new experience, and  wants  the experience to be available to all.

The new service lets fishers rent time on a fishing rig out on an unfrozen lake in Central Europe. along with other  located in Central Europe, you can pay for the vicarious thrill of watching the live interaction of a robot with a living thing. The robot drops the line, grabs a fish, and the wee fish is then returned to the lake for another go. You can watch everything happen live and enjoy the thrill of pulling a well-muscled fish arced in a rictus of fight from the briny depths.

 Creater, Alexei Popusoi,  has offered the service with a 20% discount to disabled fisherfolk and allows you to use the rod and reel for 10 minutes for $10. This may seem expensive, “50% of people manage to catch 1 fish in 10 minutes.” Beer and tall tales not included.



Written by FrequentGadget